Protective Measures

We want to make your event as safe as possible - for this we have developed our own hygiene protection concept. Your health is close to our hearts!

The primary goal of this hygiene concept is to minimize the spread of SARS-CoV-2 on the premises of Messe Offenburg. The protection of visitors, exhibitors and participants has top priority. This concept applies when holding an event on the premises of Messe Offenburg-Ortenau.

The following points must be observed at events. The hygiene concept must be coordinated with Messe Offenburg prior to the event. The following points must be implemented by the organizer or operator. The hygiene concept must be handed over to the authorities on request.


Persons in charge: (organizer)

Before the start of the event, the following responsible persons must be named by the organizer: Hygiene protection officer, event manager.

Layout variants: (operator)

Preparation of the possible layout variants for the implementation of the event in compliance with the applicable distance/measurement regulations.

Number of participants at the time of the event: (organizer)

Verification, determination of the permissible, maximum (simultaneous) number of participants for the event (based on the current legal regulations).

Contact details participants and contributors: (organizer)

Registration and recording of contact details of participants or ticket purchasers and contributors on the part of the organizer for the purpose of tracing possible sources of infection.

Contact details of all other persons present: (operator and organizer)

Registration and recording of the name and contact details of all persons present (employees, service providers, etc.)

Hygiene and conduct obligations - participants and contributors: (organizer)

Information of the participants and contributors on the part of the organizer regarding all current hygiene and behavioral obligations to be observed for the event:

-Distance regulation

-notice on the prohibition of VA participation with symptoms of a cold

-Cough and sneeze etiquette

-Use of mouth-to-nose coverings in the place of assembly

-Use of elevators

Hygiene and behavioral obligations - persons present: (operator & organizer, each for his group of participants)

Information to all other persons present during the event (employees and service providers) regarding all current hygiene and behavioral obligations to be observed for the event.

Instruction of the protection duties: (operator and organizer, each for his group of participants)

Instruction of the protective duties for the set-up phase, verbally on site with subsequent confirmation by signature for own employees and commissioned service providers.

Disinfection equipment: (operator)

Placement of additional disinfection equipment in work areas, entrance areas, and food service areas.

Blocking of fixed seats (organizer)

Blocking of fixed seating and rows of seating in accordance with specified seating plan approved by the operator.

Routing (organizer)

Marking / signposting of suitable pathways (e.g. arrows on the ground) to avoid unnecessary contact. Walking routes should be reduced as far as possible and planned to be short. The walking routes must be taken into account in the layout planning.

Cleaning / disinfection intervals (operator)

Definition of cleaning and disinfection intervals for door handles, toilets, bar tables, counters, sideboards and other surfaces that may pose an increased risk of transmission during the set-up phase and during the event. The operator shall coordinate the intervals with the organizer.

Ventilation: (operator)

Set ventilation in all rooms to maximum air exchange and generate the highest possible air exchange rate. If possible, use supply air only.

Ventilation (organizer)

All closed rooms must be adequately ventilated, for example, effective cross-ventilation must be carried out at least every hour.

Download security measures (german)